Prometheus Bound (Reliquary)

$5,500 – Please inquire with the artist if you are interested in purchasing this piece.

Prometheus Bound (Reliquary) is a “what if” sculpture. What if our society continues down the path of primarily electronic communication, away from face to face communication and towards bionics, more technological separation of individual human beings? Would we one day find ourselves unable to remember what it used to be like when we did talk, laugh, rejoice and cry side by side with our loved ones? Is it possible that we might even become mechanized and forget what being human was like altogether. What if then, there was a dusty old museum somewhere in that future that was dedicated to what humanity used to be. This sculpture is made for that museum. It demonstrates through electronics, what we now still experience with our bodies. It contains cameras for the eyes which feed live to the monitors on the sides of the head, for ears, you’ll find microphones and the mouth holds a speaker. The head is mounted on an antique Ediphone cabinet which used to hold a machine that recorded and played back audio using a wax cylinder as media. The cabinet now holds a vacuum tube amplifier and a microprocessor that play back audio constantly through the speaker in the mouth. This audio is a hand selected collection of prose and poetry that speak to the human experience, some of which was suggested by and even written by some of my friends. A text to voice converter is used to “read” these documents on a constant loop. I am open to more suggestions, if you would like to contribute, please email me.

You can view a video of the sculpture reciting an audio piece here:

[vimeo 55240987]